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WhatsApp sues companies abusing Bulk Messaging

WhatsApp sues companies that abuse bulk messaging

Companies have started to abuse the WhatsApp’s bulk messaging features to spam customers with messages. WhatsApp not tolerated this and has decided to sue the companies that are spamming their customers. They wish to reduce spam messages and take legal action to curb this.

This messaging app, which came up with WhatsApp business and API is specifically popular with the consumers because it has an estimate of 300 million active daily users. Both WhatsApp business and API are used to curate businesses- large and small that manage their customers using this application. But since this allows you to connect to the customers directly, it also allows companies to abuse the feature.

WhatsApp wishes to curb this abuse of bulk automated messaging. It violates the terms and conditions by WhatsApp and not just that customers find it irritating to receive a barrage of messages all the time. WhatsApp wishes to reinforce the element of privacy that it initially came with. It wants to keep the users safe from abuse. Therefore they have come up with consequences of breaking the terms and conditions of the applications which a lot of companies have violated.

Over two million accounts have been suspended for bulk or automated behavior per month. Any company which violates the terms and conditions after December 7 will face a potential lawsuit from WhatsApp. Any account post registering tries to send 100 messages within 15 minutes is definitely trying to abuse the feature. Also, any account which tries to create multiple groups at a time or add thousands of users to a particular group or pre-existing group is also engaged in abusing the feature.

Even though WhatsApp has an end to end encryption, they can still identify accounts that abuse the feature by recognizing their profile picture, user reports, and AI. They also say that they have put a full stop to millions of accounts that have been misusing the application. But despite that, several companies still manage to find a way around it. That is why WhatsApp will take legal actions against these companies.

WhatsApp gave a statement “from December 7, 2019, WhatsApp will take legal action against those we determine are engaged in or assisting others in abuse that violates our Terms of Service, such as automated or bulk messaging, or non-personal use, even if that determination is based on information solely available to us off our platform. For example, off-platform information includes public claims from companies about their ability to use WhatsApp in ways that violate our Terms. This serves as notice that we will take legal action against companies for which we only have off-platform evidence of abuse if that abuse continues beyond December 7, 2019, or if those companies are linked to on-platform evidence of abuse before that date.”


Moreover, WhatsApp also revealed that older versions of android and iOS like gingerbread of iOS 8 users would not be able to operate WhatsApp. This can affect millions of users, and this will be implemented on February 1, 2020.

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