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WhatsApp updates the notification badge on muted chats for iOS

WhatsApp for iOS updates the notification badge on muted chats image

WhatsApp released a new version for the iOS software, where it will no longer show the unread notification badge for muted chats along with group privacy settings. WhatsApp update carrying the version number 2.19.110 is a stable version, in case you happen to be on the beta version then you will have to leave that and download this stable version.

For users who might have issues with their WhatsApp for iCloud chat backups, they have published a new separate page for iCloud backup troubleshooting. As per the information provided during the update, WhatsApp messenger version 2.19.110 for iPhone will not show the notification badges for chats that are muted. In case you receive a text from a chat that you previously muted, it won’t be displayed as a notification badge anymore.

According to news, the new version of WhatsApp also offers new guidelines for the alignment of the position of stickers, emojis, etc. The new speculated splash screen for WhatsApp beta that will be available for android is also in the works for iPhone. This new update applies to both individual and group chats. WhatsApp’s mute feature is crucial if you wish to reduce distractions. Before the update, muting a chat only stopped your iPhone from vibrating and receiving the notification sound while doing nothing about the red notification badge that dangles on the app icon inducing anxiety.

This new update is only for iPhone users because in Android phones, the app offers the option to hide notifications. When you mute a particular chat, a pop up will display the “show notifications” toggle, which you can check or uncheck depending on your need — no more distractions.

This latest update of the version also brings a group privacy setting globally. This setting was available in India since the beginning of this year. The group privacy settings are pretty much the same as the one released in India with one minor change.

Earlier, you had the option to check ‘Nobody’ in the ‘Who can add me to groups’ option, now WhatsApp has changed that into ‘My contacts except’ option where you can check all the contacts you wish to exclude. This will help you prevent all the contacts from inviting you to unwanted group chats. If you want no one to have the option to send you an invite, then you check all the contacts that appear on the list. It is a relatively new feature and will reach all the Indian users soon.

WhatsApp has also published a new and separate support page for iPhone users in case they face trouble while backing up their chats to iCloud. This troubleshooting page offers possible solutions to create or restore a backup. The size of the update will be 78MB. The update will make media editing relatively easier. You can manage the group privacy setting by going to WhatsApp settings -> account -> privacy -> groups where you can select the desired option. WABetainfo tweeted about these features that will be seen on the iOS phones. The highly speculated dark theme is still under works.

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