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Whirlpool launching a new range of washing machines that comes with an in-built water heater

Whirlpool launches new washing machines with in-built water heater

Whirlpool has launched a new series of washing machines that have a feature to allow in-built water heating. This feature will especially come in handy for washing clothes that are supposed to be washed in warm or lukewarm water. The new range of washing machines come equipped with an antibacterial cycle which is certified by NABL. This feature can be used to heat water up to 60 degrees celsius. The firm claims that this temperature is adequate for getting rid of 99 percent bacteria in the clothes. This feature is relatively new in the market and has been tested thoroughly by the company. It is approved according to the global sanitization protocol NSFP172.

Whirlpool has taken the efforts to add features other than the water heating technology only. Other new technologies have been incorporated into the home appliance to assist in making the cleaning experience rather hassle-free. The appliance comes equipped with a special stain removal technique or process. This process takes the piece of clothing through six rigorous steps of washes that include a variety of wash motions and different temperatures. This helps in ensuring the removal of tough stains like grass, mud, ketchup, etc. This new water heating temperature can clean up to 50 different types of tough stains and marks even after 48 hours of it being left on the piece of clothing.

Another great feature in this range of Whirlpool is the customized fabric care feature that they provide. For taking care of different clothing materials, the washing machine offers three types of water modes. An added functionality on this machine is the Eco wash functionality. This uses an optimized wash algorithm, which helps in low water and energy consumption, which in turn leads to preserving natural resources, thus making this washing machine a better eco-friendly version.

This new range can be ordered from the official site of Whirlpool India. However, the current limit of order is 6.5 kilograms and above only. The prices for this range of washing machines are starting at just rupees 18000 ($240.12). The price seems quite affordable when compared to the wide variety of features that this range of home appliances is offering.

KG Singh, the vice president of the marketing department for Whirlpool India, commented on the launch event. He said that the consumers today are more health-centered and hygiene specific than they have ever been before. Keeping this customer requirement in mind, Whirlpool has tried to deliver the need of the hour. Whirlpool has tried to provide ‘superior Sanitization along with best in class Wash Performance’ in the name of this launch of the WhiteMagic Elite Plus range.

He also mentioned that such features are also available in the other ranges by whirlpools like StainWash Pro and BloomWash Pro. The features include antibacterial washes that ensure 99.9% germs and bacteria. He pointed to the fact that Whirlpool has been in this industry for over 100 years now, which has given it immense experience in the field to research and develop on, leveraging its sixth sense algorithms.

Image Source: Times of India

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