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Next Windows 10 major update is not as big as the hype created earlier

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Microsoft’s next Windows 10 major update turns out to be a small update. The details of the 19H2 update for Windows 10 have already been given by Microsoft. This update is going to be the second major update of Windows 10 for the year. Why is this update not as big as the hype that was created? Well, this update is a minor update which would only target “performance improvements, enterprise features, and quality enhancements” as stated by Microsoft and it would be releasing in the month of September.

As per the reports, there is some good news in this minor update. Microsoft would also change the update process so as to make it faster and less unruly. The new server technology would be used to deliver the new update, as stated by Microsoft, which clearly says that this update would be more like a monthly update rather than a bi-annual feature update, as guessed earlier. This update can only be accessed by those users who are currently using the Windows 10 recent May 2019 update.

Why was this update needed? The company stated that the May 2019 update of Windows 10 consists of a bug which needs to be fixed, due to which this update was necessary. The bug in the recent update is said to destroy the Random Access Connection Manager (better known as RAMSAN) on some of the devices which can further harm the VPN connections of the user.

If the bug is not treated, the RAMSAN service would eventually stop and would display error 0xc0000005 on the screen of the users when they use the latest update of Windows 10. This issue is found on servers which installed the Always On VPN as the default choice. The one who has a manual VPN connection was found to be devoid of the issue. The manual VPN connections are mostly used by users who want to secure their devices from any kind of threat from online sites.

There are still some ways through which the users using Always On VPN can tackle this issue. Set a new value for the Group Policy Path and Safe Policy Path followed by some alterations in the Registry, after which one has to restart the Random Access Connection Manager and then can use the VPN connections safely.

With the new update of Windows 10, the Operating System has become more secure, there have been improvements on Start menu, Edge bar and even the Action center and Cortana have become more useful. Though there are some flaws like OneDrive needs some work and some changes are unfinished, there are chances that these improvements might also create some problems in the efficiency and performance of the server.

These flaws can be overlooked for a while, but for now, the new update would help in removing the main bug in the May 2019 update and provide the users with a more effortless Operating System. If further any bugs or problems are found, then it would certainly need another update and would cause a bit of problem for the users.

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