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With Google’s Latest AR, one Can Virtually Don Makeup and Choose the Best Pick

With Google’s latest AR, one can virtually don makeup and choose the best pick.

A new augmented reality feature (AR) has come up within Google Search that lets one actually try out cosmetics and then go for the one they feel would look the best. This feature could not have come at a better time wherein people are still refraining from stepping out of their homes owing to the pandemic scare. What’s more, the functionality enables one to virtually try applying makeup on themselves and find the best pick for them. 

ModiFace and PerfectCorp, responsible for giving the perfect makeup touch to AR, have collaborated with Google in bringing out this Search feature by allowing people to virtually don makeup while searching for a particular piece of cosmetic.

As per sources Google has established a tie-up with some of the most well-known cosmetic brands like L’Oréal, Estée Lauder, MAC Cosmetics, Black Opal, and Charlotte Tilbury. Ironically, ModiFace belongs to L’Oreal. Whenever any customer looks out for any cosmetic or makeup equipment from these brands, she would be permitted to try it out virtually while searching for the item. For instance, a customer looking out for lipstick within any of the above brands would be provided many different shades to try it out. A virtual ‘Try it on’ option has been provided for this purpose. Users need to click on this option for a virtual makeup trial.

The customer can try out these shades on photos of a few models provided right there, or they can try it on themselves only with their device camera. Google has provided pictures of models with varying skin tones. If not over themselves, trying out these different shades on the given photos would give these users a very fair idea of how it would look on them. If the customer wishes to try it out on herself, an option would be provided to try it out using the device’s camera. Users can click on the same and get exposed to a wide variety of shades. Clicking on each shade would adjust the particular lipstick color on the customer’s lips, which gives a good look and feel on how it would look in reality.

Either way, customers can get an idea of what would look best on them. The same goes for eyeshadows as well. Customers can try out different eyeshadow shades either on themselves or on the photos provided.

However, this is not the first time an AR tool has popped up exclusively for the beauty field. Sometime earlier, ModiFace and Benefit collaborated to bring out some tools that depicted AR qualities. Likewise, the AR Beauty Try-On tool made an appearance on YouTube sometime last year, which enabled customers to try out cosmetics on themselves while watching tutorial videos related to makeup. However, the AR tool for makeup within the Search feature itself is quite useful, as customers can try out a product before purchasing it. It is important to note here that this virtual makeup trial is only available for products from the said brands and not for all of them.

Google would also be posting many suggestions and recommendations coming in from experts belonging to the fields of beauty, clothing, and home and gardening. These enthusiasts would be throwing light on their favorite and recommended products while shopping from Google Shopping. All of these are initiatives taken to promote Google Shopping.

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