Shooting at a Mattress Store in Delta, believed to be Self-inflicted

A woman from Lansing died in a Delta mattress store from a self-inflicted gun wound. The incident took place on Monday evening when woman died from a self-inflicted gun wound. It is believed that the 30-year old woman was overdosed from an unknown drug or medicine due to which the incident took place. No other person was injured and neither was the woman an employee at the store.

According to the reports, the Delta patrol office was told to go with the Delta Fire Department as a medical call was received from a business in the 6000 Block of W. Saginaw Highway at 5:00 pm. The police arrived at 5:17 pm at the Mattress store and when the deputies approached the woman, she took out a handgun and fired one shot. 

The lady died on the spot and from medical reports, she was found to be overdosed. It is still unknown that whether the woman was a drug addict or not. It is being said that the woman had some medical problem and when the officers approached she was hesitant. 

The woman did not shoot any officers, employees or any civilians present on the scene. The Eaton County Sheriff’s report states all the facts and details that is related to the scene. The drug or medicine that the woman had taken on a high level, is still unknown. 

There have been certain cases of suicidal attempt in the area and there have been active NGOs who are trying to help such people. Many helpline numbers have been provided through which a person can talk to a consultant at any time of the day or can even meet them. There have been many cases of depression and other mental health issues which needs to be taken on a serious note. One cannot distinguish between a mentally fit and unfit person until and unless they converse.

The 30-year old woman was approached so as to help her with her medical condition but it was too late and the woman died. The reason for such an attempt is still not known. Most of the reasons for such attempts have been unemployment, family issues, relationship issues, monetary problems and various others.

People as such need to take counselling so as to improve their mental health. No doubt, people won’t opt for therapy on their own; they do need a certain push. People who are close with them can be a lot of help by talking with them, convincing them to consult a therapist or opt for other methods.

Though the woman could not be saved there are many people out there who need to be saved. NGOs and social activists are trying their best to provide help to people having a mental breakdown because mental health is important. In fact, mental health is more important than physical health and needs to be taken care of.


Rosa Margaret

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