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Pet Snake found in neighbor’s Washing Machine smelling like Downy!

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What would be your reaction if you find a snake in your washing machine after washing the clothes? Sounds terrifying right? Well, it was quite terrifying for Sanela Kamencic who had found a snake in her washing machine after washing all the clothes on Wednesday. Samela, an Illionis woman living in Evanston, Chicago had this dreadful experience. A pet corn snake, Penelope, was found in her washing machine on that fateful day.

Samela said in the report seeing the snake peeking out its head and that the whole machine was smelling downy. “I could smell it and could tell that it had actually been through a cycle” Pound, the Animal Control Warden said when the snake was found. Samela immediately closed the lid and the police were called.

Penelope, the corn snake is basically a pet snake of a 12-year-old in Evanston. Since three days it was missing and was found in the washing machine of the lady. As per the news reviews, the snake was taken to the Chicago Exotics Animal hospital by the Evanston police and Animal Control Warden, Jason Pound. It is quite surprising that the snake survived the wash and was in perfect condition as stated by Dr. Melissa Giese. Usually, in such cases, the snake is found dead or badly injured but Penelope is quite a fighter.

Corn snakes belong to North American species of rat snake and make for a perfect pet snake due to its docile nature, normal adult size, and reluctance to bite and attractive pattern. They don’t require much care and maintenance and can be found easily in Southeastern and central areas of the United States. There are many pet snakes that can be found in the United States.

Though it is quite risky to have a pet snake in the house, most of the people keep pet snakes. Keeping a snake as a pet can be quite difficult and risky as the snake can bite someone if it has not been given the required vaccinations to remove the poison and can even be more risky with a kid in the surrounding. Steps need to be taken while keeping a snake not only for the safety of the family but even for the people living in the neighborhood.

The good news is that Penelope has been reunited with its owner and is as healthy as it used to be. Well, it is still a mystery as to how Penelope got into the washer and even a bigger mystery as to how it survived the wash without a scratch. But at least it got back in safe hands and would remain in the house for the rest of the time.

Corn snakes are not so dangerous as they are quite hesitant when it comes to biting the enemy. But still, you never know when they would punch you back in the face. Meanwhile, we can only hope that Penelope remains in the house itself and does not wander around in washing machine adventures anymore.

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