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Wondercise to Monitor Workout Postures with the Aid of IMU Sensor Straps

Wondercise to monitor workout postures with the aid of IMU sensor straps

Last year, the coronavirus pandemic forced many people to remain indoors. Hence, fitness lovers and health-conscious people could not make it to gyms or exercise centers. During that time, many people resorted to many online fitness sessions that they could take a right from their homes to remain in shape while maintaining good health. 

Wondercise is one such fitness service operation based out of Taiwan that provides live online classes that aids users get back into shape and maintain their fitness while they are at home, without the need for hitting any gyms or fitness centers. Although the demand for Apple Fitness+ is quite high at present, Wondercise is not left behind either. The main highlight is the “Live Motion Matching” mechanism used by the fitness service, which requires users to use smartwatches like the Apple Watch and Garmin.

These smartwatches or wearables can go ahead and monitor the user’s workout postures while working out with Wondercise, all thanks to this Live Motion Matching technique made use of by the app.

As we all know, the CES 2021 event is slated to be held sometime during this week. During this event, Wondercise has something in store for all of its users. It would be appending the “multi-point matching system” to the Live Motion Matching system, which introduces IMU sensor straps as a part of the system. By wearing these straps, the user’s exact workout movements can be tracked so that the user can get to know how accurately he or she is working out and whether the exercises performed by the user match that of the trainer.

These IMU straps can be attached to the Wondercise wearable, or they can even be used with any other fitness band since they are compatible with many fitness brands. For instance, these straps can be used with the Apple Watch. That just proves one thing: if any fitness service intends to provide the best of its services, it cannot ignore the hardware aspect, which has been done here. The main goal of a user opting for any fitness service is to ensure that he performs the exercises correctly and follows the correct postures as depicted by the trainer. These technology instilled within these straps captures the user’s actual workout forms at the time of exercise.

The user is notified of whether he is in accordance with the trainer’s movements or whether he is going off-track via the actual workout video, which is being used to follow exercises. Eric Chuang, CEO of Wondercise, claims that the IMU straps contain a combination of about six varying sensors, with each of them monitoring various vital parameters such as heart rate and the number of calories burnt. These sensors can also capture the user’s various positions while he is exercising, which are later compared with those of the trainer, who is demonstrating the exercises. 

Earlier, the mechanism was such that only arm and wrist movements were captured and that too n a single side. However, these straps can track movements from those exercises that involve a lot of leg movement, for instance, lunges. They can also keep a check on exercises that involve a lot of arm movements, for example, boxing, in which the arms move quite rapidly.

Presently, Wondercise offers exercise videos of yoga, tai-chi, HIIT exercises, workouts involving weights, and many more such exercise videos. There would be many more workout videos joining this extensive list. The company would ensure that its motion-tracking functionality would be updated with time to accommodate all exercises’ motions. These new straps require a Bluetooth connection to sync with the fitness service.

Hardcore fitness lovers would want to use this latest Wondercise mechanism to ensure that they are on the right path while working out. Another benefit of Wondercise is that it is relatively cheaper than its counterparts from the fitness industry. Wondercise charges a fee of $5 on a monthly basis and $35 on a yearly basis for its VIP customers. That is almost 50% of the charges put forth by Apple Fitness+. Moreover, these IMU straps can be connected with any other wearable. Hence, the additional cost of purchasing a separate fitness band to accommodate these straps exclusively is cut down.

The IMU straps would be arriving during the first quarter of this year.

Image source: Engadget

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