Work from Home Apps highlighted by Apple in its Editorial Story

Apple never fails to keep itself updated with the current world scenario. The best way to keep its users aware of the current market by Apple is through the Editorial story in its app store. Surprisingly enough, today’s editorial story for Apple had various new and upcoming apps for people that have started following the new work from the home regime, during the COVID-19 health pandemic.

The editorial story collection has been titled ‘Apps for Working and Staying at Home.’ The collection comes with various apps from different categories and sections. Some apps are solely devoted to doing office work from home, and some are to stay connected with loved ones, a chatting app for coworkers, some file-sharing apps, and a lot more.

There are also apps for students to learn from home, apps that provide a third platform to hold webinars, a news portal, some yoga-related apps, and even a grocery shopping app. Some apps are solely dedicated to people who love to cook, such as cooking apps while at home. For people who cannot visit their therapists due to the shutdown, also have a therapist consultation app in the Apple Store. Other categories include soothing sounds to relax to, browse breaking headlines, meditation station, and navigate your emotions and more.

It comes as a relief because although there has been news of people being cured of COVID-19, the virus is still spreading fast and quick. 

Companies like Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, and many others have announced work from home for all their employees. The step was taken after the World Health Organization announced the Coronavirus crisis like a pandemic. Factories, stores, some food marts except for a few grocery stores, cinema halls, schools, and colleges are all to remain closed until the government bodies provide further information.

The Android App Store has also come with new and latest apps that will help people staying home to work easily and keep themselves connected to their office colleagues. The already existing file-sharing and office chat apps have been given an update and released afresh. 

To aid work from home, and stop the spread of COVID-19, broadband companies like AT&T also removed their normal data cap limits and overage charges. This action was taken after various activists and politicians took to Twitter and commented upon the unnecessary need of data caps imposed upon the population to squeeze out more money.

Students will now be able to learn from home, without compromising their education, as various educational institutes have agreed to conduct regular webinars for their students and also provide them with daily assignments and homework. Although such apps already existed in the app store for iOS and Android, due to the current crisis, the apps have seen a leap in the number of downloads per day.

Not only are apps being downloaded to aid work from home, but it was reported yesterday that several Office works stores, Kmart, and Walmart have run out of monitors, standing desk, and chairs. Only a few models were left, which was immediately sold out in a day itself. Citizens have started setting their own office in their home to not compromise with their work.

Big Tech Companies like Google, on the other hand, are helping their employees in setting up their own office at home, with all the necessary equipment required. Whether these companies will be coming up with an app for their office workers to connect is still unknown. But looking back at how well companies like Facebook and Google have been tackling the pandemic by providing their employees with security related to their health, it won’t be a surprise if they come up with a completely new app as a solution for the rising crisis. 

The complete list of various apps provided by Apple for work from home people can be viewed in their apple store. A list of recommendations will also be provided by the app store when a user accesses it.

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