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World’s First SLED Panel Announced by Real Me

World's first SLED panel announced by Real me

For most of the last few years, the TV industry has been focusing on QLED technology, and it is what we have also been using. Now, Real me has announced the world’s first SLED 4K technology smart TV. The new technology has just been announced and won’t be ready to sell for some time. 

From the new type of TV by Real me, we have come across a very interesting alternative to the Quantum Dot based displays or QLED technology. 

As the company has informed it, when launched, the SLED television will have a 55-inch screen. More sizes can be expected later on, but this is what the TV’s debut will be at. Interestingly, the new panel will be able to deliver 108% as coverage on the NTSC color spectrum. It would be the best we would see till now. 

Another very peculiar feature of the TV will also be that it would keep the blue light under control. Blue light has been one major concern for any user who has specific screen time. The test of the technology has been done by TUV Rheinland already. 

Many are still questioning the need and the creation aim behind SLED panels. What are SLED panels, and how would they be beneficial later on? To speak simply, SLED is an advanced version of what LCD technology is. It is a new take on the same basics. 

What we usually see on television is that the backlight that is there is white. The same white light is then passed through a few RBG filters to create the colors that we can see. It is exactly where the innovation in SLED panels lies. 

SLED uses red, green, and blue LEDs to create the color spectrum. The polarizers and liquid crystal layers present in the SLED panels make them a lot like what LCD panels are. 

If we look at the same features in a QLED panel, the backlight is blue, and there are quantum dots present which absorb the blue light to emit green or red light accordingly. An LCD panel then controls the light that passes through each pixel shown on the screen.

As per sources all three technologies are very different, yet similar in how they have been created. The idea in all of them is to offer maximum wavelength for each color that we see. Optimal wavelength simply translates to a wider color spectrum and better image quality for us on the screen. 

Real me believes that their SLED will be a better solution for the problem than the QLEDs that already exist. The Indian market will be where the new technology will be seen soon. 

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