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Xiaomi says it ‘accidentally’ promoted Mimoji using Apple’s Ad in its websites

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Apple released Memoji feature in its iOS 13 where users can create their look-alike 3d cartoons and could use them in sending messages, calling and creating effects. Following Apple’s release, Xiaomi has also released a ‘Mimoji’ feature very similar to that of Apple’s but completely denies that it copied Apple in any way. But the fun part starts where Xiaomi accidentally puts up Apple’s promotional videos in its e-commerce websites.  

Looks like Xiaomi not only changed a letter of Apple’s ‘Memoji’ to ‘Mimoji’, it mistakenly uploaded Apple’s promotional ad video of Khalid Memoji dancing and singing to ‘Talk’. This mistake of wrong video upload was first spotted on Xiaomi’s product page by a Weibo user. Xiaomi’s new model, Mi CC9 smartphone is soon to be released with the Mimoji feature which is in so much trouble even before it has entered the market.

According to the News Report, This accident was a fault of the PR department of Xiaomi. The General Manager of Xiaomi Group Public Relations Department, Xu Jieyun, commented that it was all by accident and the Xiaomi staff has uploaded the wrong content to its website. The team made a mistake and embedded the link to Apple’s video. The promotional ad of Apple was reportedly found in the product page site of Mi CC9 smartphone and other sites including JD.com and Suning.

Xiaomi has been a sly copycat before too. Apple’s iPhone X got a twin in the face of Xiaomi Mi 8. Xiaomi is so close to copying features of Apple, it also released wireless earphones that both looked and operated very similarly to that of Apple’s air pods. 

Xu Jieyun also mentioned that the blunder will be and is being investigated and serious action will be taken against the ones responsible. While denying all the accusations of copying Apple’s features, Xiaomi went to the extent of threatening parties saying it would take legal actions who accuse them without proofs. It appears that Xiaomi is pretty adamant to save its reputation this time.

There are more than 10 times where Xiaomi has copied either of Apple’s name, feature, design or whatever. You name it. Here is a list which could not go unnoticed.

  1. Mi4 ‘copied’ the iPhone 5
  2. Mi Pad hybrid of the iPad Mini and iPhone 5C
    • Mi Pad could be described as a device which had “the front of the iPad Mini and the rear of the iPhone 5C”. Mi Pad was made released with the exact same colors as that of the iPhone 5C. Screen size, aspect ratio and resolution were just as same as the iPad Mini.
  3. Look wise- Xiaomi Mi Mini Router and Apple’s Magic TrackPad.
  4. Mi 8 phone and the iPhone X – Mi 8 may also be called as a clone of iPhone X no one wanted. 
  5. MIUI 9 and iPhone X’s – similar gestures
  6. Xiaomi AirDots and Apple AirPods – similar both look wise and operational wise.
  7. MIUI 6 copied a lot of features from iOS7
  8. Mi 9 wallpaper and MacOS Mojave wallpaper
  9. Xiaomi has been giving out ads that are very similar to a lot of ads of Apple’s. 
  10. Xiaomi Mi Box and the Apple TV are near replicas.

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