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Xiaomi Announces a Huge Capacity Refrigerator Under the MIJIA Brand, Available at 2999 Yuan

Xiaomi announces a huge capacity refrigerator under the MIJIA brand; available for 2999 Yuan during its initial phase

Today, Xiaomi has launched a brand new fridge under the MIJIA brand. This one is blessed with a whopping 540 liters capacity. Pre-bookings for this refrigerator are all set to begin from the midnight of 1st December in China.

The latest MIJIA refrigerator has set a benchmark to be one of the biggest refrigerators coming within this brand to have ever been launched so far. Earlier, Xiaomi had brought about smart refrigerators having capacities of 160, 170, and 450 liters. However, this 540-liter model has crossed past all the previous refrigerator models. As far as the pricing details are concerned, this one would cost 3699 Yuan (approximately $562). However, as an offer, the company is offering the refrigerator for just 2999 Yuan (approximately $456) during the early phase of its launch.

The internal design of the refrigerator

The official notes for this appliance are out, which state that the appliance houses in drawers consisting of dual rows. These drawers open straight out. That has been designed in this manner to fill in a lot of food products such as fruits, veggies, meat, and many more. Moreover, the separate drawer design would prevent any food spillage. As every item can be stored separately, there is no chance that the smell of a particular food item would reach another one. 

Such a huge capacity refrigerator is also bound to have multiple shelves on the door section. In all, the refrigerator is equipped with about 8 shelves, all at the door. The user is free to decide every shelf’s height since these are made to be customizable. A shelf design of this sort gives the users the freedom to decide their heights, according to the items they plan to store within them. 

Out of the fridge’s complete 540 liters capacity, about 351 liters are reserved for food storage. Not to forget, there is a freezer area too, within the appliance. The remainder of 189 liters has been dedicated to this section. The freezer capacity, too, being high, can be used to store a lot of items, particularly ice creams and desserts, along with many more such savories.

It is a known fact that all smart appliances need to be paired with an app. Likewise, this refrigerator also needs to be linked along with the smart home app of MIJIA, as it falls within this brand. On being linked to the app, the user can monitor the appliance even from another location. 

As far as the appliance design is concerned, it is not at all a complex one. The refrigerator does not contain too many elements within its design structure and is relatively simple. It arrives in a shade of gray color. A small display considered to be an interactive one is placed on the left door of the appliance.

Xiaomi has marketed the product as an energy-saver one. Apart from conserving energy, this one also offers top-class cooling features. Moreover, it has a noiseless operation. Interested customers can get more details of this product at the Xiaomi website.

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