Xiaomi introduces Vending Machines called ‘Mi Express Kiosks’ for the first time in India to sell Smartphones

Xiaomi Mi Express Kiosk Image

Ever heard of vending machines having smartphones instead of soft drinks and chocolates? Well, Xiaomi introducing the new smartphone vending machines in India better known as Mi Express Kiosks. The first kiosk has already been launched in Manyata tech park, Bengaluru and the company is planning to introduce more such kiosk all over the nation. The first target for introducing these kiosks are the metro cities of India.

The basic plan is to introduce such kiosk in public places such as malls, metro stations, airports, tech parks, etc. where it would be easy for the people to buy. This vending machine idea is a new market strategy which the company has used so as to introduce more offline stores in the country and to enable the people to buy their phones without much difficulty. Instead of waiting for that particular model of Xiaomi to restock in the online shopping sites, one can now buy that phone through these kiosks.

The Mi Express kiosks have the price of the model which is equivalent to that in Mi. com and Mi Home stores. The vending machines or the kiosks even have various modes of payment such as cash, credit cards, debit cards and even UPI mode of payment so that the buyers don’t face any hindrance while buying phones from the vending machines.

Not only smartphones, the kiosks even have other accessories of the Xiaomi Company such as earphone, charger, power bank and many more. The Chinese tech company has taken many such initiatives to retain the importance of offline stores. In 2017, the company introduced Mi Home in Bengaluru, India. Later, it started the concept of Mi Stores in the rural areas, which are smaller than Mi Home. For now, there are over 500 Mi Stores in India.

The vending machines can be accessed from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm and the customers can interact with the vending machines and select the accessories that they want to buy. The kiosk has a touch screen which displays all the information about the particular gadget that a person wants to buy. Instead of buying online and waiting for the gadget to reach, one can now directly shop through these kiosks. All the technologies and the ideas regarding the kiosks have been researched in India after which the first kiosk was launched.

No doubt, Xiaomi has an excellent marketing strategy which would not only improve the sales rate but would even retain the importance of offline stores. Now, all we have to do is wait for the Mi Express Kiosk to appear in our cities.

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