Xiaomi Brings in its Flagship Mijia 1T Robotic Vacuum Cleaner along with a ToF Camera

Xiaomi has brought in the latest Mijia (also referred to as Xiaomi Smart Home) 1T robotic vacuum cleaner, a star, or a flagship model in this category. Currently, this appliance is available for pre-order at $300. 

The most important characteristic of this appliance is its ability to locomote fast and dodge any hurdles. The manufacturing team reveals that the latest Mijia vacuum cleaner comes with a room mapping feature, which is almost five times better than what we have witnessed before. The suction pressure of this appliance is 3000 Pa. This vacuum cleaner battery can go on for about 180 minutes at a stretch without any issues. 

Another important feature of the Mijia 1T robot vacuum cleaner is its Time of Flight (ToF) camera. This camera helps the appliance determine the accurate and precise distance at which any obstacle or hurdle is present. Accordingly, the vacuum cleaner can avoid the barrier coming in its way of cleaning and move ahead comfortably. A similar unit within Apple devices is termed as a lidar.

Most importantly, there is a considerable improvement in the route mapping feature of this appliance. Much attention and focus have been provided towards the route mapping functionality, such that it is accurate to the core.

A motor that does not have any brushes on it has been housed within the appliance. The said motor, which is of a Japanese make, comes with four variant power levels. The vacuum cleaner comes with a 550 ml container where all the dust is accumulated and a 250 ml container within which water is collected. The appliance can precisely read and study a room that has an area of about 240 sq m. 

Additionally, the Mijia 1T vacuum cleaner also comes with two gyroscopes and optical sensors. It is also equipped with a step edge sensor such that the appliance can detect any stairs’ presence and accordingly proceed with the cleaning functionality. Apart from this, there are a few additional sensors that can help judge the positioning and detection of any dirt or obstacles. 

Users are advised to install the Mijia app, with the help of which they would keep a check on the cleaning functionally in real-time. Along with this, the Xiao Ai voice control feature can also be supported via the Mijia app. This feature can be linked to other Mijia products as well. 

Xiaomi has regularly been launching many products under the MIJIA brand. Not too long ago, it had introduced the MIJIA Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10 for 1299 yuan. This appliance is equipped with a 12-cone cyclone design that enables the segregation of tiny particles from within the inhaled air. It also consists of a five-fold filtration setup that can remove about 99.97% of extremely tiny dust particles, which are very tiny to about 0.3 microns and give out very pure air. The durability of this product is quite high, as is its cleaning efficiency.

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