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Xiaomi launches its Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 and 1S for 399 Pounds

Xiaomi launched its Mi electric scooter Pro 2 and 1S

Xiaomi has officially launched its electric scooter pro 2 and scooter 1S either of which cost up to 399 pounds. The firm launched its very first electric scooter back in 2017 which was the Mi electric scooter, model M365. The scooter saw a lot of success and popularity amongst buyers one though customers had to pay a premium price to purchase it from third-party sellers.

After the M365 the Xiaomi has launched several better and improved versions of the scooter, and they too have done fairly well in the markets. The pro 2 and the 1S version have come packaged in the new ecosystem launch from the company. This launch has brought the scooters a lot closer to the customer’s doorstep and made it more accessible to the buyers.

The Mi Pro 2 is an improved and updated version and its new features say so. This scooter can run smoothly on an inclination of about 20%. It can also speed up to almost 25 km per hour. The scooter has an extended range of 45 km. All these features make it a good choice for the people to use it for daily commutes. This improved scooter comes with a built-in LCD screen.

The user can view anything on this screen and also use it to control the functioning of the scooter very easily. This screen will assist the customer in having a hassle-free riding experience on the scooter. The LCD screen allows the rider to manage speed, check the status of the street light, connect Bluetooth, and even choose a riding mode.

This scooter features a powerful 300W motor and comes with a very modern and foldable design which allows for it to have ease with urban mobility. It also has a double braking system and shock absorbent tires which ensure the safety of the user up to a certain extent.

Speaking of safety, the scooter also comes with pre-installed reflectors on the front, rear as well a s the sides. The headlight is an updated 2W light that allows vision up to 10 meters ahead of the scooter. Once connected with the mobile phone, the scooter will keep reminding the user of all the safety measures if it is a first time user.

The Mi electric scooter 1S is supposedly the renamed version of MIJIA electric scooter 1S which was previously launched only in China. The scooter seems to be a somewhat trimmed version of the Mi Pro 2 electric scooter. Its range has been reduced down to 30 km, but the speed still goes up to about 25 km per hour. This feature suggests that there may have been a cut in the battery size, but the motor being used is more powerful, thus achieving this combination of range and speed. Again, this new electric scooter too comes with a visual screen or rather dashboard that helps with notifying the user when the scooter detects a self-diagnosed issue, also displays speed, driving status, battery life, etc.

This scooter comes with a DC motor that gives 3000 hours of life with a power rating of 250W, but the maximum output can go up to 500W. The scooter can be sped up to 25kmph and offers a mileage of 30 km in one full charge. The battery can be put on a battery saver mode which it automatically does after the battery drains down to 40%. There are two more nodes called the normal and the adjustable sports mode.

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