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Xiaomi Launches its Robot Vacuum Mop-P Cleaner having App Support in India.

Xiaomi launches its Robot Vacuum Mop-P Cleaner having App Support in India.

Xiaomi has launched its Robot Vacuum Mop-P Cleaner in India. The cleaner comes with an intelligent navigation system based on the laser. The vacuum cleaner has got app support as well. In China, the brand Xiaomi originally launched its Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner way back in 2016. Four years later, the technology came to India.

The original model has got some variations over the years. For navigation, the cleaner is supported by an LDS, which is commonly called as the Laser Detect System. 12 high precision sensors are working inside the Robot cleaner to take care of all your cleanliness and sanitation needs.

The cleaner makes use of a Japanese brushless motor that is incorporated in it. The vacuum cleaner, which is a high-end product, by all means, has got the twin blessings of having intelligent mapping and route planning. It is a combined route based planning that is combined in effect through the laser navigation which is supported by the Laser Detect System.

The motor which has Japanese origins gives a strong 2,100 Pascal of suction power. The Robot Vacuum Mop-P Cleaner has an effective SLAM algorithm. This algorithm has been inserted in its upgraded version as well. 

The brand has underlined that Robot Vacuum Mop-P can scan up to a range of 8 metres which is accompanied with a sampling rate of 2,016 times every second. Apart from being equipped with the LDS, the vacuum cleaner has got a two in one sweeping and mopping function. On the front of mopping and cleaning, it seems as if the whole thing has been customized for Indian households in particular. 

To the operation point of view, there is a combined Sweeping and Mopping mode that is tailor-made for Indian houses. The company has ensured that a repeated mopping mode in manual working is present in sync with repeated wiping. The Robot Vacuum Mop-P Cleaner has also come with a Sweeping Only mode that is most useful when it comes to dry clean the whole floor. 

Again, it can be used for wiping the walls and furniture as well. For water dispensing, there would be one water tank given in the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop P, which is electronically controlled. This water tank comes with a mechanism for water clogging prevention since it is helped by a combined effect of three gears of water dispensing modes.

The gear-based water tank is also accompanied by intelligent water dispensing. The cleaner relies on intelligent data gathering for which it has a quad-core Cortex-A7 CPU that powers the system. Collection of data and processing of the same is taken care of by the insides of the Robot cleaner along with a dual-core Mali 400 GPU.

Users can link their robot vacuum cleaner with the Mi Home app to utilize a plethora of features like remote control and real-time mapping. The vacuum cleaner is full of sensors that help it to navigate around your home, identify those areas it has traversed earlier and clean smartly. There is an option for scheduled cleaning on top of it. When using their smartphones, users can direct the robot cleaner to clean directly through the app.

The shipment shall start from September 15, 2020. The Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P can be availed at Rs. 29,999 in India. Nonetheless, it is available at a lesser and more friendly introductory price of Rs. 17,999 for all those who wish to place an order.

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