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Xiaomi to launch Power saving portable air conditioner on November 5th in China

Xiaomi launching portable ac with power saving mode image

Xiaomi is going to launch a portable air conditioner with a power-saving mode in China on November 5. According to sources, they confirmed the scheduled event on November 5, along with the launch of other products by Xiaomi. The company has confirmed the launch of products like Xiaomi watch, Mi TV 5 line up, Mi CC9 pro along with the portable air conditioner.

Xiaomi shared a glimpse of the air conditioner in a poster online revealing IoT (internet of things) powered device. The company’s official Li Xiaoshuang also revealed that the air conditioner is very energy efficient, and the product will save a huge amount of power, which will, in turn, save money.

It was also announced during the reveal of the portable air conditioner that the device will follow the company’s minimalist design language and will be available in a white color option. It will be in a cylindrical cabinet design. There will be a display above the air outlet which showcases different information like temperature, air quality, fan speed, etc.

However, the company is yet to share other information about the air conditioner like size, energy consumption, price, or availability. But the speculated price is going to be below the standard air conditioners. Since the company has confirmed the launch of this portable air conditioner on November 5, you can expect the product to be available after they launch it officially in the following week.

The company is known for making many lifestyle accessories apart from mobiles and laptops. They have launched shoes, bags, and even air purifiers. Now they have ventured into the air conditioners market. Like most of the Xiaomi products, you will be able to control it with a smartphone, even from a remote location. For now, there is no information on the capacity of the air conditioner in comparison to the standard air conditioners. The portable air conditioner will be made available in India in early 2020, and some specific customization changes need to be made before it arrives in the Indian market.

Xiaomi has been launching quite the product line this year. Earlier this year, they launched Xiaomi Tv, Xiaomi mural Tv, walking machine, weighing machine, and more. Apart from that, they launched the floor standing air conditioner. Its cylindrical design makes it different from other split air conditioners. The air conditioner has a three-dimensional air supply for faster and even cooling. The blades and the vents are designed in such a way where it gives you a super quiet experience.

China is going big on energy efficiency. San Francisco based energy foundation is an organization that focuses on energy efficiency. This organization is planning to work with the Chinese authorities as they are the biggest manufacturers and exporter of cooling products. More than 60 percent of refrigerators and 80 percent of household air conditioners are produced in China. But this vast market relies heavily on enormous energy consumption. China has made several efforts to promote green and efficient cooling. They have also initiated several energy-saving subsidies and coax consumers to buy energy-efficient products.

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