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Xiaomi MIUI Updates become Better with a New Astro-photography mode

Xiaomi MIUI updates become better with a new astrophotography mode

In April, Xiaomi announced its new MIUI 12 system software, which has been a significant update for users and is bound to set in new features shortly. Notably, navigation gestures and better privacy controls would be the sooner addition, but in some time, the company is planning to add a few exquisite camera features.

As it looks like, the camera feature would be an astrophotography mode, which would allow the users to take pictures that are usually not possible with a normal smartphone camera. Various other smartphone companies have already added similar features, and Xiaomi’s feature seems to be on the similar lines of what Google had come up with Pixel 4. 

Stunning photography of the night sky and stars would be possible through Xiaomi phones once the update is available officially through the company. Users can expect that the feature would be much like what exists in Pixel 4, with long exposure as the highlight. Best results would be achieved with the help of a tripod attached to the phone, but otherwise, great pictures are expected to be delivered through the camera feature. 

As reported by a Telegram user through a screenshot, the new astrophotography mode is already in the process and has been spotted in the beat build for the Poco F2 Pro. He shared screenshots of the interface that the new model has, which shows a few settings that look like filters. Users can anticipate that the camera feature is designed to be easy to use. 

Automated slow shutter speed would be one of the key aspects of the new feature, and many Xiaomi devices can expect it to be added to their phones unless the company plans to roll it out only for phones that have specific camera specifications. Details haven’t been released on the new mode yet, but it is available in the latest MIUI 12 China Beta ROM.

It is noteworthy that night sky photography features in smartphone cameras won’t be seen for the first time in Xiaomi phones. Other mobile phone companies have been quite ahead on this, and it was Google initially that brought night sight in the market of smartphones. The feature was first seen in Pixel 3, which was released in 2018. One plus also followed on this and launched the Nightscape feature for their smartphones.

Other companies like Samsung followed suit as more and more mobile phones were sporting night photography. It is where Samsung also added Night mode photography in 2019, and now Xiaomi is doing the same with its astrophotography mode. As time passes, smartphone companies are only getting competitive with the features they add to the new phones.

As demonstrated before, by key players like Google and Apple that computational photography or manual photography is the real deal that smartphone companies still need to work on. Additions made through a change of hardware only go a limited way. Despite that, the results of the new feature Xiaomi is adding are yet to be seen.

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