RedmiBook 14 Laptop could be released with the first flagship Redmi K20

Redmibook 14 image

The sub-brand of Xiaomi is all set to enter the market with its own flagship Redmi K20. Along with that, there have been certain rumors about Redmi laptop which might launch with the K20. The new Redmi laptop is rumored to have the name RedmiBook 14, the 14 clearly depicting the display size. There has been a confirmation that the company is working on a laptop and it is to be launched soon. There are even some of the key details of the laptop which have been revealed. The laptop is right now in its last stage of production and testing and there are high chances that it would be released soon.

The laptop has been certified by the Bluetooth SIG website through which some of the details have been known. The certification has revealed that the laptop is going to be powered by Intel processor. Another possibility is that the RedmiBook 14 would be a lot cheaper compared to that of Xiaomi laptops. As the brand is more focused on providing technology to the people at an affordable price, we can expect that the laptop and the phones would have an affordable price range. Apart from this, no further details have been known.

Though the company has said that it will release another gadget along with the K20 phones and we are hoping that it might be the RedmiBook 14. Unlike the Xiaomi laptops, which are exclusive to only to the Chinese markets, the Redmi laptops are said to be of multiple variants i.e. they would be accessible in many countries and there is a chance that the laptop might even come to India.

Apart from this, there has been information gained regarding the first flagship of Redmi i.e. the K20 series, where the K stands for Killer. There are going to be 2 phones in the K20 series and they would be known as Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro. The phones are going to have Snapdragon 855 processor, 32 MP pop-up selfie camera, triple rear cameras, all- screen display, 4000mAh battery, and many more features. There is also a chance that the K20 series would come to the Indian market.

Meanwhile, we only know about the first flagship of the Redmi company which is going to launch later this year and we really hope that the RedmiBook 14 would also be launched along with the phones.

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