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Xiaomi reveals a child’s electric scooter having integrated voice assistant

Xiaomi reveals a child’s electric scooter having integrated voice assistant

Child’s toy products can be a trick to pull off. But, when you have bigger brands like Xiaomi putting their best brains behind such a project, it is always worth having a look. Xiaomi has revealed its electric scooter specially designed for children that comes with an integrated Voice Assistant.

In an online event held this week, the children’s cute electric vehicle was showcased. The company’s subsidiary Ninebot had exhibited the brand new electric scooters at an online product reveal. The electric scooter for kids, which is a miniature version of an adult scooter, comes with the AI-powered teacher to teach children how to ride. There are Bluetooth speakers for kids to play music while they enjoy the ride and learn.

Artificial intelligence takes care that the child is guided throughout. The voice teacher gives not only instructions for riding the electric scooter but also safety tips for the kids. The mini electric scooter is equipped with halogen lights given on the wheels. On top of that, a lamp has been fixed at the backside that is provided in the form of robot eyes.

These lights do not just enhance visibility but also give a range of options to choose colors for the lighting. The regular color options presented to the kid to select are white, pink, and blue as per his mood. Parents have got the option to limit the speed of the nano scooter. There are 3 levels for restricting the speed as a means of parental control. However, at the highest speed even, the scooter does not cross 8.5 miles per hour.

Teaching children how to ride a two-wheeler is always mired with some amount of pain and effort from the parents’ side. The guardian is expected to have a close watch at the child so that he does not trip off and fall. Many times children employ all their skills and naughtiness in fooling their parents and guardians and conduct mischiefs. They could fall and get injured this way. 

It is the sole reason that mandates a watchful eye on them, not just while learning to drive a toy car but almost in everything. But, some companies have stepped up their innovation and produced very effective and amazing products aimed at reducing the load on parents. These products are not just entertaining to the kids but also serve as able educational apparatus.

Xiaomi had focussed mainly on its big scooter for adults, and the nano scooter for the kids was shown as its miniature version. That one is the new Ninebot Electric Scooter Air T15 that does not come with a voice assistant. The Air T15 can be easily and the most usefully connected with the user’s smartphone from where it can be operated.

However, there are problems with it apart from its not being fool-proof. Kids hardly do seem to trust an AI instructor and would rather choose a human coach. Younger kids might not accept the safety precautions even if the voice assistant spoke to them. Many times, grasping the child’s words could be difficult for the voice assistant.

Xiaomi, to counter all such problems, should invest in creating a child-specific and child-friendly voice recognition platform. Cues can be taken from the effective software built by the popular Irish startup SoapBox Labs. Once safety is ensured, there will remain no reason why parents would not run after it!

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