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Xiaomi Sells 1000 Units of Redmi Smart TV Max 98 in One Day

Xiaomi sells 1000 units of Redmi smart TV Max 98 in one day

In a sales report released by Redmi, on account of their 10th anniversary, it has been revealed that the company has been able to sell exactly 1660 units of their smart TV Max 98. The announcement came on Weibo as a big surprise to everyone who follows.

Earlier when the Smart TV Max 98 was launched, Redmi could barely sell 100 units a month, and more than 1000 units have already been sold in a day. The newly launched TV has surely become a trend among customers, despite the different sizes it carries. 

Redmi has been able to create a new category of smart TVs in terms of size. As opposed to earlier responses, so many are now interested in buying the almost 100-inch TV for their homes. The product hasn’t been easy to sell because buyers wouldn’t easily accommodate the size of the TV in their homes and give out the money it has been priced at. 

The pricing of the TV seems to be a major factor behind the product’s sales picking up. Xiaomi is offering the 98-inch TV to buyers for 19,999 Yuan or $2825. It is less than what many other brands have priced their TV of the same range. Thus, pricing wise the Redmi Smart TV Max 98 can be considered a better option. 

The features that it carries are no less either and worth the price you pay. It was announced in March this year, that the Redmi Smart TV Max 98 would have a 4K UHD display panel, with 85 percent NTSC, 192 dynamic backlight zones, MEMC motion compensation, and more image quality tuning technology.

The most notable feature that the TV carries is the custom 12 mm processor. Its functioning is also facilitated by 4GB of RAM and 64GB supporting storage. Cumulatively, there’s a lot that the almost 100-inch TV has to offer to buyers.

It is interesting to know that the idea of a 98-inch TV came to Lei Jun while having drinks with NetEase founder Ding Lei who happened to mention the requirement for a bigger TV for video conferences. The research and development team at Xiaomi followed up soon after creating the available TV. The budget mentioned by Ding Lei was 50000 Yuan, but Redmi TV has been launched at 19,999 Yuan only, which is even better. 

Redmi, as a brand, is offering additional benefits as well for buyers of their new TV. One on one professional service on purchase is guaranteed, which will have installation plans, pre-sales, and more. A site survey will also be done to ensure that the TV is the best fit for your home. A special delivery vehicle will deliver the product on time with an installation team.

Given the latest sales achievement by Redmi, it is expected that the number of units sold will eventually increase for the 98-inch TV.

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