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Xiaomi to Launch World’s First Mass-Produced Transparent TV

Xiaomi to launch the world’s first mass-produced transparent TV

Xiaomi has come up with a new transparent 55-inch TV, which is first to be mass-produced at the level the product will be sold after the launch. Known as the Mi TV LUX transparent edition in 55-inch, the newly launched television will become the only transparent TV in the world to have been mass-produced.

An exquisite feature like the edge to edge transparent and self-luminous display, while the screen is only 5.7 mm thick, makes the TV set very attractive to customers. Images that are displayed on the TV seem to be suspended in the air when it is on, and it looks like a glass sculpture when off. 

Mi has used OLED technology to create a transparent and glass-like effect that the TV LUX possesses. The kind of display that the new TV carries is something that has only been witnessed in science fiction. The company has launched a new way of viewing content through this new TV that displays images from edge to edge and adds a sculptural touch to space. 

The hardware that has been incorporated in the design of the TV is flagship-level, which translates to the fact that it can achieve good quality sound and picture. It has been mentioned by the company in a statement, that the TV features a 55-inch OLED panel with a static contrast ratio and the infinite dynamic ratio of 150000:1. 

The most attractive feature of the TV is that it makes gaming feel lifelike, possibly because of the 120Hz refresh rate and the 120 Hz MEMC technology. The 1ms response rate makes gaming sessions even better, along with the overall functioning and usage of the TV. 

A combination of an AI smart engine and the MediaTek 9650 custom-made TV chip, has helped Xiaomi create a power-packed futuristic product. The aesthetic touch to the entire look of the Tv due to the sleek glass’s presence is an add on that the viewers get—an ultimate viewing experience guaranteed for the viewer, facilitated by the design and the high-tech features.

The audio performance of the TV has also been improved by the company with the addition of Dolby Atmos’ support. A custom-made MIUI has been inducted into the design to improve the overall functioning of the TV. It is only this transparent edition from Mi that houses the custom-made specifications. Xiaomi has confirmed more than 20 optimization algorithms.  

The Tv has been priced at $7200 by the company, and the sale will be live in China on 16th August. For now, it is only the Chinese market where the TV will be launched. No word has come from the company on whether or not transparent TV will come to the Indian market or any other markets.

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