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Xiaomi Unveils its Latest Wireless Charging Technology that Charges 4000mAh Battery in 19 Minutes Flat

Xiaomi unveils its latest wireless charging technology that charges 4000mAh battery in 19 minutes flat

Xiaomi has announced its plans of bringing about an 80W wireless charging technology that promises fast-charging. The update was present in a post from Weibo. The charging rate is so fast that a 4000mAh battery can be charged to half its capacity in just 8 minutes while it can get completely charged in 19 minutes flat. This technology has been tried and tested on a modified Mi 10 Pro. It has been portrayed in a video on Xiaomi’s YouTube channel.

So far, Xiaomi has not revealed any phone that would be compatible with the wireless charging technology. There is also no information or idea if Xiaomi is planning to bring about a wireless charger anytime soon. However, it does claim that it won’t be long before the wireless charging system takes over the wired charging one.

As far as this latest 80W wireless technology is concerned, it remains to be seen as to which phone can be charged using this system. As shown in the YouTube video, the Mi 10 Pro gets charged to 10% of its capacity within hardly a minute. The Mi 10 Pro battery can be half-charged in just 8 minutes, while it gets completely charged in barely 19 minutes. The modified Mi 10 Pro is mounted on a stand and the wireless charging system, as depicted in the video. 

It looks like Xiaomi has achieved a lot in wireless technology, racing ahead in this area. The first phone to have compatibility with the wireless charging technology was the Mi MIX 2S phone. Back then, this device could get charged within a wireless charging system of 7.5W. The next device to join the Mi MIX 2S phone in supporting wireless charging technology was the Mi MIX 3, which could charge itself in a 10W wireless charging technology. Then came the Mi 9 flagship smartphone in 2019, which supported 20W wireless charging technology. 

Xiaomi had announced its plans regarding its 40W wireless technology sometime in March. Then in May, it went ahead and brought about the Mi 30W wireless charger on board. And very recently, in August, the company launched the Mi 10 Ultra, which can be easily charged with a 50W wireless charging system. 

The Mi 10 Ultra is also compatible with a 120W wired charging technology. August also saw Xiaomi reveal a 55W charging stand. The 80W wireless charging stand’s design structure is very much like the design of the 55W charging stand. 

Sometime last month, Xiaomi also went ahead and launched its own power bank that has compatibility with a 30W wireless charging technology. 

Reportedly, Xiaomi is also in favor of bringing its own 100W quick charging system onboard pretty soon. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer is working very hard to get this technology sometime during the next year. Let us all hope that this express charging system would be compatible with Xiaomi’s upcoming flagship phone and that the charging system arrives way ahead of the phone. 

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