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Xiaomi Ventures Deep into Home Appliances with Clothes Dryer and Washing Machine

Xiaomi manages to do one thing right just about every time. It works day and night to ensure that its consumers get to rejoice the fruit of the latest tech advancement, which is cost-effective at the same time.

On April 13, 2020, Xiaomi came up with the Mijia Smart Clothes Dryer with a fair enough capacity to carry and hold clothes for a long duration. The design, which has been planned meticulously, categorizes the dryer as being very telescopic. The dryer shall be available from April 15, 2020, and it will start crowd-funding on April 15. The appliance is slated to begin at the price of 849 Yuan.

The best part about these cloth dryers is that they are very portable. It seems as if they have been designed mostly for those who have to travel all the time. Given that the design is very portable with a good enough capacity, this smart cloth dryer from Xiaomi is very promising. Drying clothes is a task in itself, and it gets very difficult for the business professionals who are always on the go or, for that matter – common parents who have babies.

The toddlers necessitate the need for clothes to dry faster and frequently. While they are frequent in peeing and soiling clothes just about anywhere, the users also need a device that can be packed and transported easily to places. The smart clothes dryer from Xiaomi, which can be operated using just a smartphone, does just the same to enhance the water evaporation process.

Now, you do not need sunlight to dry your clothes. The dryer is fitted with a bar that is blessed with an LED energy-saving -light-emitting panel. As per the source smart dryer is equipped with a hanging bar having the strength to extend up to 2.2 m. This bar is capable of carrying a good quantity of clothes, and in one go, you can trust it to carry the weight of a maximum of 35 kg of clothes.

The users of the dryer have got full flexibility to use the dryer even at night, now that the need for sunlight is eliminated. The clothes dryer is worked out through the Mijia App intelligent control, which has the function to maneuver the working of the dryer. You may want to hold it in your hand or push it over your wall.

Next up, Xiaomi Mijia also surprises us with a 10 kg capacity washing tank in the form of an Internet Washing Machine and Dryer 1C. The Xiaomi Mijia Internet Washing Machine and Dryer were put on sale in China on April 9, 2020. The washing machine is having a total of 22 modes of washing. Well, that is quite a number!

Did we say that the machine will effectively be controlled with the help of an assistant i.e., the XiaoAI voice virtual assistant? Yes, that is true. It is precisely why it is an internet Washing Machine. The Mijia app can be used to make prior reservations on laundry and drying as well. 

The machine has got a power cycle of 0.873-kilo Watt-hour. The machine has been improved on the power consumption front as well, given that this is lesser in comparison to the 0.960 kiloWatt hour power that was present on the previous model.

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