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Xiaomi’s latest 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner costs only ~RM60

Xiaomi’s latest 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner costs only ~RM60

Xiaomi Youpin has launched a cordless handheld 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner. Undoubtedly, as the name sounds, this vacuum cleaner is capable of performing two functions at the same time- one is to clean all the dust and dirt particles. The second function is that the unit helps in wiping off the dirt completely with a water sprinkler that is installed within the unit. Moreover, one needs to shell out just ~RM60 to purchase this Deerma 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner that performs two actions simultaneously. 

This 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner can be converted into a mop simply by using a piece of cloth. Of course, this cloth needs to be customized. 

The other thing which would come to our minds is, how does the sprinkler receive water? Well, to answer this doubt, a water tank having a capacity of about 280 ml has been installed along with the unit. The sprinkler would be getting water from this tank. The sprinkler is designed in such a manner that it can spray a fine water mist that can go up to about 110 cm. The water tank is sufficient enough for an area of about 100m2. It also comes with one refill. 

The vacuum cleaner has been designed to be extremely flexible such that it can be used to clean all nooks and corners of the house. It would include difficult to reach areas as well. The vacuum cleaner comes with a three-dimensional design that can be rotated easily. The swivel head can be rotated at an angle of 140 degrees from one side to the other. It can also be rotated at an angle of 90 degrees both upwards and downwards.

The vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a dust unit with a good space capacity within itself, such that it can accommodate up to 230 ml of dirt within itself. Of course, cleaning the dust unit is also essential from time to time for greater and better cleaning efficiency. The dust unit cleaning process is also pretty simple – users need to press a switch that has been provided for this purpose. When this is done, all the dirt comes out easily. The dust unit has a widened structure of about 170 mm. It makes it very efficient to handle all kinds of dust and dirt particles. 

People normally try a hand at expensive, robotic vacuum cleaners. However, getting a unit that has so many features and functionalities built within itself, and that too at a price of ~RM60, is quite commendable. Getting homes cleaned at a cheap and affordable price is something that everyone surely looks out for. So people who are looking out to purchase vacuum cleaners to clean their houses can give a try to this Xiaomi Youpin Deerma 2-in-1 handheld vacuum cleaner!!!!

A Facebook page has also been created for this Xiaomi’s latest launch. Interested people can go and check out the same in case they wish to know how the complete unit is. The comments provided by people out there would be useful to those who are contemplating on purchasing one for their homes.

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