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Xiaomi’s Mi Human Sensor 2 Arrives, Crowdfunding Event Starts from 2 Dec

Xiaomi’s Mi Human Sensor 2 arrives, crowdfunding event starts from 2 Dec

Lately, Xiaomi has been introducing many smart home appliances, and that too innovative ones. Starting today, Xiaomi’s Mi Human Sensor 2 has made its appearance in the market. Presently, it would be sold at all retail outlets for 59 yuan, or approximately $9. However, the company is giving its customers a chance to get this product at a lesser price. Beginning 2 Dec, a crowdfunding event has been organized for this device. In this event, the device can be obtained for 49 yuan, which is approximately $7.

The human sensor device monitors the movement of people irrespective of wherever it is placed. It could be kept either in any of the rooms or even passages. Accordingly, it performs the actions as programmed by the user. Other smart appliances present within the household can also be linked to the Mi Human Sensor 2. The specific steps required to be performed by the device can be laid down within the Mijia app.

Just like how the user movements can be monitored from any location wherever it is placed, Xiaomi reveals that it can do its job effectively irrespective of the current scenario. For instance, the sensor device has been made to detect human movement even in the absence of light or even when it is getting bombarded directly by the rays of the sun. It also gives in a lot of details in connection to brightness or light and security required at different conditions.

As the human sensor device can be coordinated with other smart home appliances, its usage gets expanded to a wide range. To detect any untoward activity during night times, the user can program the sensor so that the light gets turned ON immediately on sensing any movement. Likewise, homeowners can also configure the device to shoot a video by connecting it to a smart camera in case of any forced entry into the house. The Mijia app would receive the video once it has been captured. It would be of great help to the user to determine the person forcibly entering the house. 

The device also seems to be a power-saver type. Xiaomi claims that the technology embedded within the Mi Human Sensor 2 uses very little power, thereby conserving energy. The firm states that the device is equipped with the CR2450 cell, which is a standard battery. Whenever the device is on low-battery and falls below the specified limits, a notification is sent to the user for charging the same.

The user can obtain many details when the Mi Human Sensor 2 syncs to the Mijia app. User can get a lot of information connected to the battery power remaining within the device, the level of strength exhibited by the Bluetooth signal. The customers also get access to the logs generated within the device within the app. Apart from this, many more such details can be procured. More and more details regarding the product and its performance will emerge as people using it would give their opinions.

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