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Xiaomi’s New Concept Phone Comes With Full Infinity Display

Xiaomi's New Concept Phone

Xiaomi recently released its idea of a concept phone with an infinity display. The concept phone will have waterfall edges on all four sides, leaving no space for any ports or buttons. This new concept supports the Xiaomi air charging technology, which surfaced on the internet last week.

When asked about the concept phone, the company said it was quite difficult to obtain the design. The company went through tons of hurdles to achieve the 88-degree waterfall edge for its phone. They had to develop their own glass processing equipment and then bend it at a temperature of 800 degrees Celsius. After that, they had to use around 14 polishing tools to make sure that the surface is smooth.

What was the need for such a display? “To extend the limits of the display to infinity and to achieve a port-free unibody design,” Xiaomi replied. However, as this particular design is on a concept phone, there are chances that the company might not release the device for commercial usage. When we asked whether the phone actually exists or not, we got a positive reply. One of the employees said that the phone existed and they have used it too.

Even though the design is quite unique and has already gained popularity, there are still unanswered questions. It does not come with any ports or buttons, enabling the usage of wireless technology. However, how will a person switch on the phone without a power button? Though there are fingerprint sensors, you would still need a power button. Besides that, the phone has its front camera beneath the screen, which is a good concept.

Xiaomi has released a small video about the concept phone, which has caught many people’s eye. In this video, we got to see that the status bar has been moved to the right edge, giving the display a more crisp look. Talking about the rear camera, Xiaomi has installed a single camera with the functions of four different cameras. In simple words, with the help of this rear camera, you can take a wide-angle shot, macro shot, panorama shot, night shot, and much more.

Several phones in the market come with waterfall technology, but none have achieved this particular level. For people who didn’t like the waterfall technology when it first came to the market, this phone will be a big curse for them. However, for people who love to adapt to technology, this concept phone will be their new gadget soon enough. Though we cannot guarantee whether Xiaomi will release this phone, we can give you some more inside details and our views on it.

Besides the basic features, the concept phone even comes with new features like piezoelectric ceramics, third-generation in-display cameras, eSIM, pressure-sensitive touch sensors, flexible film display acoustic technology, and much more. Though Xiaomi has not released many details, we are still guessing that it will come with new technology. There are chances that this new concept phone will support 5G technology, which will be a plus point.

If Xiaomi releases this concept phone, then it will surely be a hit. “A phone with no buttons and ports” will surely catch the eyes of all technology-loving people out there. Quad-curve waterfall technology is the newest thing that has arrived in the market and is enhancing the phone’s look.

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