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XSafe System now a Part of Flake Ice Makers from Scotsman

XSafe system now a part of flake ice makers from Scotsman.

Hygiene and health safety have become top priorities given the circumstances that have developed around us. Following on the same need, Hubbard systems have extended their flake ice maker with their in house XSafe hygiene system.

The XSafe hygiene system had been developed earlier by the company, and it uses UV light and activated oxygen in killing bacteria and viruses. The list of viruses that can be removed with the system also includes Covid-19. 

Now that the Scotsman flake ice machine comes with the XSafe system, the company plans to add more of its ice makers to the same portfolio. Currently, the MF and EF lines have been added to the XSafe portfolio, both of which make flake ice.

Many would wonder why flake ice is the first option to be picked for expanding the XSafe range. Flake ice is widely used in the hospitality sector, the fish industry, and even retail. It can be shaped around items and usually chills quickly makes flake ice a rather popular option for use.

As health safety and hygiene concerns have been put under the microscope recently, the need for such products has comparatively increased. The XSafe system incorporated icemaker will not only clean up the exposed surfaces and rid them of germs but moreover, it will also sanitize the entire interior of the ice maker. While the ice is in there, the XSafe system will stay active throughout the entire session. 

Scotsman has claimed that their icemaker with the UV system doesn’t just kill bacteria or viruses. It is designed to reduce the formation of mold, yeast, mildew, slime, and odors. This feature makes the new flake ice maker a very feasible option for use.

The range of MF and EF models that Scotsman carries has been designed to suit the needs of varied industries collectively. The MF range flake ice makers are high volume modular machines that have to be placed on top of a storage bin, in which they would be dropping ice as it is produced.

The wide range in the MF line caters to all kinds of requirements. The smallest ice maker can easily make up-to 140kg ice per day. On the other hand, the biggest model that is there can make up-to 600kg ice per day. It depicts the versatility of the range that Scotsman has developed under the brand name.

The other range of ice makers, which will have the UV system, the EF line, has under-counter and self-contained ice makers with integrated ice bins already present. This ice maker’s amount of ice can generate 200 kg maximum and 120 kg minimum through the smallest model.

The EF line’s benefit is that their location can be changed because of the integral pump present in their system. It means you can place them further away from the drain, unlike the bigger ice makers, which need to close to the drain for the wastewater drainage.

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