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YouTube to ban Supremacist Content and plans to remove thousands of Hoax Videos

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YouTube is going to limit Conspiracy Theories and Supremacist Content that spread the hate speech. Thousands of Channels violating the rules will be blocked by YouTube in the coming days. A Google Owned Video Platform has been working from years to abandon the hatred content and conspiracy theory based videos. Critics are blaming the tech giant for being a favoring platform to spread white supremacy, other forms of discrimination.

YouTube is making necessary changes in its community guidelines in order to ban videos which promote the superiority of any group and discrimination. It can be in terms of age, gender, veteran status, Sexual Orientation, Caste, and Religion. For instance, the videos can be from the ones glorifying and promoting Nazi Ideology.

The California Company stated that it would particularly remove all the videos that justify segregation and discrimination. From the Past Few Years, YouTube is consulting dozens of experts to improvise its hate speech policy. They are working regarding the subjects free speech, civil rights, and extremism. In 2017, the Company came up with an initiative to limit the hate speech content reach. The views of those videos have also gone down by an average of 80%.

YouTube Stated that “We know that this might be disappointing, but it’s important to us that YouTube is a safe place for all. If the content breaks our rules, we remove it.”

In fact, the company also said that it would crack down the circulation of borderline content. The Company will alter its algorithms to reduce traffic to content if they violate their policies.

This Powerful Video Platform having 1.8 billion daily users is enhancing YouTube Partner Program Policies. Channels will be suspended from the Partner Program on violating the hate speech rules. Moreover, they can’t run ads or features that generate money.

The Company is making rules strict and removes monetization and advertising features which go beyond its hate speech policies. Organizations working against hate speech appreciated the efforts of YouTube’s Announcement. They also feel that something more must be done regarding this Hate Speech. There could be greater harm to other communities and black with the superior white ideologies.

YouTube’s Move to ban White Supremacist Content was Well-Meant. But, when it comes to the execution part of these policies it was a bit slow.

Levin said that “Artificial intelligence has not been honed to the level where it can distinguish between content that is promoting the most odious bigotry, and that which is reporting and analyzing it.”

The Modifications announced on Wednesday trying to improve its content in three ways. Firstly, the ban on Supremacists will exclude extremists who advocate segregation based on age, gender, caste, religion, etc. Second would be YouTube extending its efforts to limit the spread of harmful misinformation, Borderline Content.

In the future, the company will recommend more videos from authoritative sources such as top news channels. Lastly, YouTube will limit channels from monetizing their videos if they are repeatedly violating hate speech policies.

All these Policies will be effective immediately but it might take months to fully ramp up.

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