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YouTube playing Hide and Seek with the Subscriber Count

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YouTube is a well-known platform for all bloggers and creators. While the number of bloggers is increasing per day, YouTube has modified some of its settings. The new version of the app would not show the exact number of the subscriber that a channel has which means that even if a channel has 10,600,180 subscribers, the app would simply show that the subscriber count is 10 million. This might not appear like a big deal, but for the bloggers it is. The number of subscribers helps to decide the winner per year for the best entertainer and several other awards.

It has been reported that YouTube has taken this step so as to maintain consistency everywhere. Though YouTube has acknowledged that the subscriber count is important but maintaining uniformity is equally important. The decision was taken when some of the creators started having competition as to who has lost or gained followers. This started creating chaos and feud among the channels which further lead to several cases of online bullying and mocking.

There have been several third-party apps which shows the creator the downfall or the gain of the subscriber of the blog in a week or show, depending upon the subscriber count of YouTube. To stop all this, the YouTube team has taken this step. No doubt this step has solved most of the problems and has many pros but has also lead to several problems. The annual awards given for best entertainer which depends on the subscriber count can be a problem. Well, the app has even solved this problem by introducing the voting system for selecting the winner.

By seeing YouTube taking this step, several other apps have also started following the path so as to avoid cyberbullying. One such app is Instagram. It has been reported that the app would disable the feature of showing the number of likes in a picture so that it would help in reducing the peer pressure that a person gets for not receiving many likes for the picture. Reddit is also on the same path by hiding the number of comments and votes that are received for a particular post. Twitter is also about to take the step. Meanwhile, this new feature of hiding the subscriber count on the blogger’s page in YouTube would be in full effect from August.

The subscriber count used to be shown in numbers in desktop and in abbreviated form in the smartphones. With the effect of the new feature, there would be no exact subscriber count in any platform rather it would be in abbreviated form. The decision to hide the count took place due to the feud between James Charles and Tati Westbrook which had created a lot of drama all over the online world which had even lead to several other events. YouTube has done a great job by disabling the feature to showcase the exact number of the subscriber which would help in avoiding future chaos and drama.

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