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YouTube Music introduces its Explore tab for both Android and iOS users

YouTube Music introduces its Explore tab for both Android and iOS users

YouTube has found out just the right time to introduce its Explore tab in the YouTube Music application for both the Android and the iOS users. The information was first announced on Twitter by “YouTube Music At Home” which is known by the handle @youtubemusic.

This new tab is very exploratory in nature and lets you experiment with different genres as you get updated through the new releases, and it is there you can also browse playlists by your current mood. Thus, whether you are dancing with joy or are as silent as a turtle, you know where you should be heading to. This new feature in YT Music has been designed especially for the music lovers who want to get their hands on the new stuff coming down their way.

Not just that, the Explore feature also presents you with Song Lyrics. Is not that cool? I mean you get the music lyrics which can most playfully hum along and check your words as well. You could not have asked for anything more than that when all you want in a new song or album is to be able to sing it. The music could be groovy, or it could be solemn, but it always helps to have some reliable lyrics to sing along to the ones you consider as your favourites.

The Explore feature is now fully rolled out for all the Android and iOS users. Google has come up with the Explore tab as a space that can help you find new music. The music lovers can not only find the newest number to groove to but also filter singles, albums and music videos. The YouTube Music has provided this option to select and segregate and club your tastes by something as simple as a genre.

Not just that, we also have options like “mood”, “chill” and “focus.” These are meant to enlist songs for all of us listeners as per the requirement and the feeling during that time. But you can also see all of them as a marked out list to surf and search under the “See all” category if you are feeling like you cannot describe a feeling and want all of it.

The app’s in-app lyrics feature was also a recent development and had all of us taken by surprise. But, the feature was the most needed given how so many of us struggle to sing the complete song looking up here and there just to be acquainted with the actual words of the song. And again, nobody wants to sing like they want to make fun of them by not pronouncing the right words or in the right way.

The feature might not be available for all the videos at the time, but it is most useful if you want to sing along and do not want to stress your browser to do the task of finding the lyrics to the song for you. But, not all videos have the in-built lyrics feature.

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