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YouTube Music is going to Feature In-App Lyrics

YouTube Music is going to feature in-app lyrics

Just a few weeks ago, YouTube music had gone for a complete makeover of its platform with many new elements, the most important among those being the screen or display. The songs are to accompany lyrics with them. The feature that was originally available for Android users is finally making way to all the app users who can benefit from the added quality.

The lyrics would be displayed as static lyrics, which means that they will not appear to be moving. The lyrics would be there for everyone to view, and it does not matter whether you are a free or a paying user. The feature comes in very handy for all those times when you want to sing along while listening to your favorite music or playlist. After all, who does not want to hum along with their favorite tune by the side?

The static lyrics can be easily accessed from within the YouTube Music apps, which is available for both Android and iOS users. Now, you will not need to open tabs over tabs to view the lyrics of the latest song out there. Indeed, the feature is at the beginning stage. Hence, not all songs would feature the lyrics, but that also points out the fact that the platform is working to ensure that the feature covers more and more songs.

After all, it is always good to have lyrics around. Whether it is that you want to hum a specific song or are having difficulty in getting the exact words, the lyrics provide an immediate rescue. As opposed to having to look up the words to that song elsewhere, the feature has been incorporated in the main app itself for users to view. Isn’t that good? 

The recently redesigned playback screen made important inclusions. One of these inclusions pertained to clear and more persistent buttons. These buttons involved a bunch of navigating buttons and options, for instance, the options like Up Next, shuffle, and repeat. Using the Up Next button, you can switch over to the next one in line. The app also allows users to easily flip between pure audio and videos for listening to music.

At a time when most of the music streaming applications provide the lyrics feature on their respective platforms, YouTube music must have come off as a little late, if not in time. The question that remains is how to use the facility. With regard to this, the user is required to tap the (i) button that is given underneath the videos that he or she would be playing at the time. After locating the (i) button, all you have to do next is to manually scroll down and then get the hang of the words. There is a disclaimer, though. The lyrics can only be accessed if they have been made available for that video since not all videos come with built-in words. Many times the videos lack the worded playback even if they had been sourced from the official accounts of the artists or record labels.

The app is working to bridge the gap between itself and other music streaming platforms. It is expected that the existing set of its users would be benefitted from this addition of static lyrics alongside the audio or video while playing the music. Considering that the app is working towards maximum inclusion of lyrics, the existing situation should change for good, very soon.
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