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YouTube Music will now come preinstalled on new Android 10 and 9 Devices

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Google is coming with a new way to catch-up the competition in the streaming music market. It is going to make the latest google app, ‘YouTube Music’ as the default app in all new Android devices. Today, the company announced that this subscription music service will be pre-installed on Android 9 and 10 devices by replacing the Google Play Music. As it is going to be the preinstalled app, it will definitely reach millions of Android handsets which could be the rival to Spotify, Tidal and some other music streaming services.

Till now people used to download the YouTube Music app from the Google Play Store and now the company made it more simple to access the app with just a few taps. We know that Google is planning to unveil the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL phones and these Pixel series are also coming with the preinstalled YouTube Music app. Initially, it said that the app will be preinstalled on all new Android 10 devices but later it added to its blog post that it is also going to be installed on Android 9 devices that are launching newly.

In a blog post, Brandon Bilinski, YouTube Music product manager wrote that “Google Play Music listeners with new Android 10 devices can continue to enjoy Google Play Music by downloading it from the Play Store and logging into their accounts”.

Google launched this YouTube Music in the year 2015. Since then, it is operating two music services in which the other is Google Play Music that was launched in the year 2011. Later, to provide access to both these apps, Google provided a subscription tier in the name of YouTube Red which later rebranded as the YouTube Premium. Additionally, the subscribers of Google Play are also allowed to access YouTube Premium. Last May, it even allowed users to buy the YouTube Music separately as per their preference.

Keeping all these aside, last April, Google finally announced that it would bring the YouTube Music in the place of Google Play Music. And today there is this news of adding YouTube Music in the preloaded apps list on Android devices by replacing the Google Play Music. If the Android 10 users want to continue using the Google Play Music, they can download the app from Play Store directly. Those who don’t have the new Android handset running on 9 or 10 can download the YouTube Music from the Play Store if preferred.

We can say that YouTube Music is competitive with other music streaming services in terms of features. But coming to subscribers it has been lagging compared with the Apple Music and Spotify app’s subscribers. As there is no progress in importing the liked songs and user’s playlists from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, the situation became worse in terms of subscribers.

Whenever the company is questioned regarding the progress of importing, it says that “we are still working on it” which not yet happened. According to the latest news, YouTube spokesperson confirmed that

“As we’ve previously announced, eventually we plan to replace Google Play Music with YouTube Music. As part of the transition, YouTube Music will replace Google Play Music and come preinstalled on new Android Q devices”.

If we compare the subscribers of other music services with YouTube Music, Spotify is having upto 232 million active users monthly and 108 million paid subscribers by the end of June, Apple Music surpassed 60 million subscribers in June, while YouTube Music had 15 million subscribers in May which is quite less. But, with this plan of preloading the app on new Android devices, it may see the growth in subscribers as the app reaches millions of Android users without installing it from the Google Play Store.

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