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YouTube reconsidering its Policies on Online Harassment

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YouTube is in excessive use all over the World. Thus, there are chances where people violate the Terms and Policies from time to time. YouTube reconsiders its Harassment Policies and Updates them on a timely basis as and when required. As the company is trying to update its policies, it has planned to consult journalists, creators, experts, and people who were harassed. Yet, the company didn’t specify any timeline for these policies.

The Video Platform Company hesitated over years on what kind of content to be considered as violative across its platform. YouTube decided to make changes to its policies in an attempt to deal with one of its creator and user. Furthermore, the Company has taken a step towards upgrading harassment policies with public pressure regarding a clash between two YouTubers.

A user namely Steven Crowder repeatedly attacked YouTube’s Creator Carlos Maza using anti-gay language. Initially, YouTube Looked up the issue and did nothing. Carlos posted on Twitter in which he explained how much the harassment is bothering. Now, with that Youtube is looking to change the Harassment Policies Soon.


YouTube recognized that users are angry about its decision to leave the offensive videos. However, it also told that it had made a decision that the videos should have some valuable content too. YouTube will check whether the Video’s Purpose is to threaten an individual or incite harassment.

The Company will take the entire video into consideration whether it is a 2 min Video about an individual or 30 Mins Speech related to Political News. Taking all this into consideration if YouTube finds the primary purpose of the video is Hate or Harassment it will remove them immediately.

YouTube believes that if it removes all potential offensive content it would lose valuable speech. The company will have a look at the behavior and impact a creator’s content is causing even if it didn’t violate community guidelines. If it feels the content is harming the broader community in any other way the Company will take necessary action.

In the case of Crowder’s Channel, after doing research individually the company found flagged videos that didn’t violate the community guidelines. Later on, after seeing the Widespread of hate among the YouTube Community it took a decision to Stop Monetization. Furthermore, the Company decided to withdraw ads from his Videos which are a kind of Demonetization on YouTube.

All this Process might not happen Overnight as YouTube should know the reasons for harassment.  Moreover, it should come to a conclusion on what changes to make to existing Policies. This Process can be time-consuming as the Company is planning to talk to different personalities who have undergone Online Harassment.

YouTube will upgrade every policy of harassment taking the current situation into consideration. One thing that Company’s New Policies won’t solve is the Enforcement Problem. The Company is striving its best to take a look at the harassment policies and update them just like it is updating many other policies over the years. Youtube took a firm decision towards evolving policies, holding creators and itself to a higher standard.

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