YouTube to Clarify Mail-In Voting Details by Appending Informative Links

With the US Presidential Elections 2020 barely a few weeks away, most social media giants are trying to prevent any misinformation spread. Previously, there were reports of Facebook and Twitter doing so. However, now what we hear next is that YouTube is adding some mail-in voting information next to videos discussing the topic to get an idea of what it is about. 

YouTube plans on appending a box having the title “Voting by Mail Counts.” This box is equipped with a link containing all the information needed for mail-in voting. This box would be attached to those videos wherein any discussions related to voting via mail occur. The latest information boxes would take the user clicking on them to the Bipartisan Policy Center, a Bipartisan think tank. 

YouTube had introduced these informatory boxes way back in 2018. This year, these informative boxes were designed to provide all kinds of information related to COVID-19, thereby giving little or no space for any wrong information to float around. The information-providing boxes designed by YouTube are quite similar to those made by Facebook and Twitter. There have been quite a few recent instances that saw Twitter taking harsh actions on those spreading any election misinformation via irrelevant tweets or posts. 

In general, most social media giants are making efforts to provide precise information on anything related to the presidential elections. 

Although so far, YouTube was nowhere in the picture joining its other social media platforms to stop the misinformation spread, it has arrived now with a bang. It also plans to add a few additional features that would persuade users to proceed for the voting registration along with providing these informative boxes. Users who are carrying out any searches related to the voter registration process would be directed towards an information box atop the page that would take them to specific information like the deadlines for completing the registration process and methods to verify the current status of voter registration. 

Likewise, whenever users out forth any questions like “how to vote” or anything on similar lines, they would be directed to specific information coming in from non-partisan third-party partners, who would prescribe all the rules related to state voting, along with its requirements and deadlines. On inputting these kinds of search texts, users would receive voting information and resources both in English and Spanish. YouTube will also extract and provide new information connected to the searches related to the federal candidates for Congress or the presidency.

As the lines of Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook, YouTube is also on the verge of introducing its own set of election-related videos that give out a lot of useful information related to the US elections. The YouTube videos are expected to have a humorous touch to it, as they would be imitating popular video styles to the likes of cooking videos. Also, YouTube users would be getting frequent reminders during “key moments” to register for the voting process. Users would be given an explanation regarding the voting schedule and facts regarding the 2020 elections. 

Image source: TechCrunch

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