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YouTube to Counter TikTok with ‘Shorts’ Feed of Videos

YouTube to counter TikTok with ‘Shorts’ Feed of Videos

No tech giant Company is going to accept the fact that new competition in town is trying to steal away all its glory and viewers. We can say that the same happened with YouTube as well when TikTok came into town. YouTube may have started feeling a little insecure as TikTok has started luring most of its viewers. Some sources, while talking to The Information, revealed that YouTube is working on a new update where it will soon release a ‘shorts’ video feature that will include familiar-sounding short videos from users.

This new update, which has been named as ‘Shorts,’ will be released by the end of 2020, and it will provide users with the features to use the extensive song license of YouTube and add the music choice or soundtrack to the video. 

On reaching out to YouTube for further comment on this latest app or update, the company denied to comment on it, or provide any details.

The video service of Google has already borrowed media features like stories that are very similar to Instagram, as well as some social features of Snapchat. Now too, the company may be facing a dilemma with the rising popularity and the number of users in TikTok. According to sources and various social media analysts, most young teens and adults like to spend more time watching minute-long short videos of twitter that are catchy and funny.

Not many people prefer watching the long videos on YouTube, and hence the company has started to work on this new venture called ‘Shorts.’ Part of the appeal of TikTok is that it allows its viewers to create quirky videos with various sound effects and video effects that make it entertaining and also catchy for the young generation. But the challenge here lies for YouTube, whether it will be able to convince the young viewers to move from TikTok to Shorts, and if the app has features that are compelling enough for the viewer to make the switch.

TikTok is free to use just like YouTube, but whether the company will make it free for ‘Shorts’ is still unknown. YouTube also launched its own YouTube Music app that has a vast database of videos and songs posted on YouTube. Users can get access to the music shared by local artists, amateur groups, bands, and even professionals, which is not available for other music apps. Thus, YouTube Music did acquire an upper hand in this compared to other music apps and surely had got massive users using the app.

But the YouTube Music app is not free. The only downside to the app is that you may have to pay a minimal subscription fee to enjoy the music even with the app closed. But with a small fee, you can get access to millions of local artist songs, and amateur music at your fingertips.

Whether such an edge will exist in the ‘Shorts’ is unknown, as the company has made it very sure not to release any more details on the upcoming project to the masses. But, tech channels and news portals have been trying to get in touch with some of the spokespeople of YouTube to get some inside details on the Shorts, how it will work, and the features that will make it different from TikTok and appeal to the younger generation more. To date, the company has not replied to any emails, messages, or phone calls related to this release.

What will be TikTok’s steps to curb the viewers from moving to YouTube is still unknown. We are still awaiting the company’s official release of statements related to this situation.
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