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Zeno Becomes the Global AOR for Robotic Vacuum Maker Neato Robotics

Zeno becomes the global AOR for robotic vacuum maker Neato Robotics

Zeno has been named as the global PR AOD for the popular robot maker company Neato Robotics. Neato Robotics has been quite a name in the home appliances field, where it exhibits a nice blend of robotics and AI. It manufactures both vacuum machines and small robots as well.

The firm showed that the global market for robotics amalgamated with artificial intelligence has heated up and will continue to be so in the next couple of years. Germany’s Vorwerk Group, in late 2017, had acquired Neato Robotics. The latter is a Silicon Valley manufacturer of vacuum robots and also small robots for domestic usages. The deal was closed with an undisclosed amount.

Any party has not explained the initiatives, projects, and the other activations that the two companies are collaborating on. The same is expected to be undercover. But, even then, it is quite true that the firm has collaborated with the robotics brand Neato to go about forging and developing an integrated promotion campaign. 

Neato Robotics is quite a popular firm for coming up with some of the premium innovations in the field, as per Zeno MD Todd Irwin. Zeno’s managing director stated that there is a strategy that they would be applying in case of Neato Robotics being their global PR AOR, but not a lot can be detailed at the current juncture.

Still, he gave information about the inclusion of the basic building blocks of any promotion. That being said, Zeno’s focus shall be on product reviews and seasonal opportunities. Zeno has been a frontrunner in the field of PR, and it is going to focus on more creative expressions for the company this time.

Zeno has decidedly framed a number of promotional events and upcoming campaigns, which are all aimed at increasing the face value of Neato’s innovation and the unique approach of the company towards AI and Robotics. Zeno, like others, had competed in an RFP process that had been taking place since the November month of the previous year.

Kriselle Laran, head of global marketing communications at Neato Robotics, had gladly said that the vacuum maker and Bot company had invited six agencies to pitch, through email. Neato liked Zeno the best after a rigorous round of shortlisting of the field to three final agencies. Later on, the names of these 3 agencies were dropped while the company carried on with Zeno, and thus the contract was signed.

The company, however, has refused to name the other firms involved in the process. This way, Zeno stood the test to grab the six-figure, year-long contract. Zeno has always been present in the core markets. Apart from that, Zeno’s working style as AOR found a close match with the Robo maker. Not just that, their outlook, ethos, and values too matched that of the company’s.

In no time, the robot maker had figured out the value of a strong PR company like Zeno to be working with them and the value they would attach to the company. It was a tell-tale sign of long-lasting progress. Neato Robotics wants to have an integrated approach towards marketing and communications, and chiefly makes use of Zeno’s capabilities.

Zeno has a proven track record of success with challenger brands, which also pointed out that they were the most suitable and right match for the Neato team as their global PR AOR among all the other options on the table, as per the company.

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