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ZHAOWEI Drive’s Latest Technology Evokes Automatic Opening and Closing of the Refrigerator Door

ZHAOWEI Drive’s latest technology evokes automatic opening and closing of the refrigerator door

ZHAOWEI Drive has introduced a new feature into its driveline that triggers the refrigerator door to open and shut automatically. This latest driveline comes equipped with a small-sized motor and a gearbox with the required accuracy. This driveline offers a price that is as per its functioning. With this feature, the door of a smart refrigerator can be opened and shut on its own. 

Presently, the technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been progressing rapidly. Therefore, this has increased the production of smart kitchen appliances. The latest report by Grand View Research Inc states that the size of the smart kitchen appliance market is expected to grow very fast at the global level. It is estimated that by 2027, this figure would touch 39.9 billion approximately. During this interim period, the smart kitchen market size would be expanding at a CAGR of 19.1%. 

In 2019, smart refrigerators had a 34% share in the complete smart kitchen appliance market. 

As more and more people are spending more time indoors now, undoubtedly, the time spent in the kitchen has also increased. Appliance manufacturers are making use of this opportunity to refrigerator prototypes by adding the automatic opening and closing of the refrigerator doors. In the upcoming days, the kitchens would look a class apart. ZHAOWEI Drive has many interesting aspects for the fridge door going ahead, starting with the automatic door open-close feature.

Presently, most of the refrigerators need to be opened and closed manually. Many times, people may forget to close the fridge door. Sometimes, it may so happen that the door of the fridge may not be shut properly. It may lead to wastage of electricity and the spoiling of the foodstuffs stored within the appliance. Regular incidences of this kind may ultimately spoil the refrigerator. The automatic refrigerators currently present in the market come with a range of complicated build, very costly, a huge installation size, and very poor service life. 

The latest ZHAOWEI driveline brings about the autonomous door open-close feature, which is nothing but a handle-free functionality. This feature has been extended to various refrigerators in which the door opens on its own without any manual intervention. How is this achieved? Well, a drive device has been fitted to the door to open and close it automatically. This device is as per the size of the refrigerator. Apart from this, an input unit has been designed to receive user input signals. This unit would be responsible for operating the device as per the input signals provided by the user. 

A sensory unit has also been installed within the appliance to determine whether the door of the refrigerator is in an open or closed position. And then, there is also a controller that can ensure the device operates according to the signals coming in from the input device and the sensory device. Refrigerators coming in with automatic door functionality often make use of the one-touch power technology and link mechanism. 

ZHAOWEI has always been very fond of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, as it has been found to imbibe this technology into many of its applications. The sensors fitted within the appliance make this entire functionality all the more smooth and flawless. The door opening and closing actions are monitored by taking control of the network, switch, or voice. All of these actions are dependent on ZHAOWEI’s drive system controlled via an electromagnetic transmission mechanism. Additionally, ZHAOWEI also conducts performance testing of the appliance features. 

The Product Director of ZHAOWEI went on to say, “Today’s consumer is looking for a more reliable refrigerator while also seeking new ways to get creative in their smart kitchens as they stay close to home. While marching forward to the smart kitchen, we take another step- introducing a driveline to enable automatic refrigerator door opening & closing- together with refrigerator manufacturers for better user experience. As a trusted partner, we keep delivering both standard and custom solutions for a broad spectrum of applications consistently on-time and to-spec.”

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