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Zinus is Adding a Set of New Hybrid and Spring Mattresses to its Product Collection

Zinus is adding a set of new hybrid and spring mattresses to its product collection

Furniture company Zinus is planning on adding a replacement mattress line to its already elaborate collection, this summer. The new collection may be a set of hybrid mattresses that will be primarily sold through the e-commerce platform that the brand has.

The new collection, which will be available for purchase very soon, has been creatively designed with exquisite features like an Adaptive fabric cover, very welcoming memory foam layers, supportive steel iCoil springs, and blood heat regulation specifically.

All interested buyers must know that pieces from the gathering would be launched through the summer and can be available for purchase under $400. Being affordable priced is another key feature that Zinus is offering within the new collection of hybrid mattresses.

Vice president of products at Zinus, Jen Cha, says about the new launch, “Good sleep is vital for everybody immediately, and it shouldn’t come at a premium.” He adds to the present by saying that, “That’s why we’re focused on developing the simplest innovations on the market to make high-quality hybrid spring and spring mattresses which will provide the simplest quality sleep – without charging customers exorbitant prices.”


It is understandable from what Jen says that the brand with the new collection aims to widen their horizon of products being offered within the affordable section to expand their customer base. Although, the new mattresses will only be available direct home delivery, which would be something different. 

The brand’s new queen-sized mattress is already retailing at its official website, Zinus.com, at the worth of $300. It’s the right new Cooling Copper Adaptive Memory Foam iCoil Hybrid Mattress, which may be a part of the gathering, which will be launched completely over the summer. Buyers can expect easier sleep due to the memory foam and, therefore, the spring system installed within the hybrid mattress.

The brand shares some detailed features of the mattress that’s now available on the website. These also can be checked by interested buyers on the website. Support and luxury are the 2 key features that the whole design of the mattress works around and a serious part of it’s being delivered through the high-density edge support foam.

Another noteworthy feature of the mattress is that the copper-infused memory foam has been installed inside it alongside its antimicrobial properties, making sure that no bad odors get trapped inside the mattress. The unique fabric within the mattress is additionally liable for keeping you cool in the dark and ensuring all the additional moisture inside evaporates.

It is not just the one mattress that Zinus is launching this summer. Rather there are others with very amicable features. A decent top mattress starting at only $169 for the queen size also will be available on the web site. It’s very plush and luxury inducing microfiber quilting and far sort of a traditional mattress. there’s more, though. The Euro Top Memory Foam Spring Hybrid Mattress will be retailing for $224 and, therefore, the Comfort Support iCoil Hybrid Mattress for $219.

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